O Leblon foi um dia o Quilombo das Camélias, flor que foi usada pela Princesa Isabel para a campanha pró libertação dos escravos. Leia sua carta abaixo e entenda um pouco da história brasileira.


The neighborhood Leblon used to be the Quilombola das Camélias, flower that would be used by the Princess Izabel to promote the end of slavery. Read her letter below to understant a little bit more the brazilian history.

Dear Lord Viscount of Santa Victoria
I was told by my father about the intention of sending funds from your bank in the form of donation as compensation for the freed former slaves on May 13th last year, and the secrecy that the Lord asked the president's office to avoid more violent reaction of the slavocrat.
God protect us from the slavocrat and the military to know oiur intentions, it would be the end of the current government and even the Empire and the House of Braganza in Brazil. Our friend Nabucco, in addition to Messrs. Rebouças, Patrocínio and Dantas, can give aid from 20th November the gethering of the Chamber of Depuits for the inauguration of the new legislature. With the support of new members and the faithful friends of my father in the Senate we will be able to make the changes that |I dream so much for our Brazil!
With the funds donated by the Lord we shall put these former slaves, now free, in their own land working in agriculture and livestock so they can make their lifes, performing a great and genuine agrarian reform that they more than deserve. I got to know by my father that this donation meant more than 2/3 of your properties, which shows the devoted love of the Lord by our Brazil. God save the Lord and all his family forever!
The fall of the Mauá Bank in 1878 was really sad, honorably and proba, however unfortunate, that the Lord and his highly esteemed partner, the great and very dear Visconde de Mauá agreed to the collapse, according to dad, woven by evil English dishonestly and absolutely corrupt!
The fall of Mr. Maua meant a great loss to our Brazil!
But we should move on because the future will be promising if the Republicans and slavocrats allow us to dream and accomplish more.
The changes I have in mind, as you already know, go beyond the release of the captives and that their livelihoods are performed honorably.
I now on want to dedicate myself to free women from the shackles of domestic captivity, and this will be possible through the Woman Suffrage!
If the woman can reign can also vote!
I appreciate your help with all my heart and God bless you!
I send my greetings to Madame la Vicomtesse de Santa Vitória and the whole family.
Very heart